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Our active collection waist trainers are designed to be worn during activities, providing optimal support for maintaining a straight posture while burning extra calories. Additionally, these waist trainers are beneficial for postpartum recovery, post-surgeries, and assisting with diastasis recti. By wearing our active collection waist trainers, you can confidently engage in physical activities, knowing that your posture is well-supported, and enjoy the added benefits of calorie burning. These waist trainers also serve as a helpful aid for individuals recovering from childbirth or surgeries, as well as those seeking assistance with diastasis recti.

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Active Duo Latex Waist Trainer - Shape FixActive Duo Latex Waist Trainer - Shape Fix
Active Duo Latex Waist Trainer Sale price$129.99 AUD
Sold outWonder Wrap - Shape FixWonder Wrap - Shape Fix
Wonder Wrap Sale price$65.99 AUD
Active Solo - Shape FixActive Solo - Shape Fix
Active Solo Sale price$119.99 AUD
Save 29%Active Define - Shape FixActive Define - Shape Fix
Active Define Sale price$88.99 AUD Regular price$125.99 AUD
Active Duo Removable Belt Waist Trainer - Shape FixActive Duo Removable Belt Waist Trainer
Active Duo VestActive Duo Vest
Active Duo Vest Sale price$139.99 AUD